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batman vs. joker

2009-10-13 10:55:39 by tamelion

Well the flash i'm working on (it'll be good i promise!) is coming along nicely - i have completed a full joker model and i'm nearly finished on the batman model - they both look pretty awesome (considering its like my second flash animation!)

any way today in my class we covered flash buttons which are all round awesome! but are a little tricky to master. so my animation will have a but of a shine to it.

if i put the work in the animation side of things will be done in a few days, the sound will be done asap. problem is i've realised i'm a little bit popular so wont spend the next week in my room like a hermit - i'll be out in the world drinking and smoking too much (trying to quit honest) like a normal 19 year old!

peace out y'all


batman vs. joker


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