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uncharted 2

2009-10-18 16:26:14 by tamelion

Ok so joker and batman have been put on the back burner until i can do the sketch proper justice. for now my animation skills are still fairly whack.

But the good news is i've been working hard on a new animation which is close to completion a couple more hours of effort and it'l' be ready for new grounds!
Basically i got uncharted 2, and nathan drake stole my weekend! what a dick. so i've decided to do an animated review kinda thing - it contains some spoilers, straight up not gonna lie - dont watch it if you want it to be a secret!
any way, the animation is still a little shakey, but i'll get better! honest!! basically uncharted 2 is going to be a bit like an egoraptor awesome series, except you know.... his will kick mines ass... fucking talented animators coming on here ruining it all for first timers!!

any way see you later - and keep an eye out for my animation coming soon!



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2009-11-08 11:36:55

Can't wait to see it, good luck man!

tamelion responds:

omg people read this! haha - cheeers man, works coming on but check some of my art out (not great just sketches atm :)