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uncharted 2

2009-10-18 16:26:14 by tamelion

Ok so joker and batman have been put on the back burner until i can do the sketch proper justice. for now my animation skills are still fairly whack.

But the good news is i've been working hard on a new animation which is close to completion a couple more hours of effort and it'l' be ready for new grounds!
Basically i got uncharted 2, and nathan drake stole my weekend! what a dick. so i've decided to do an animated review kinda thing - it contains some spoilers, straight up not gonna lie - dont watch it if you want it to be a secret!
any way, the animation is still a little shakey, but i'll get better! honest!! basically uncharted 2 is going to be a bit like an egoraptor awesome series, except you know.... his will kick mines ass... fucking talented animators coming on here ruining it all for first timers!!

any way see you later - and keep an eye out for my animation coming soon!


batman vs. joker

2009-10-13 10:55:39 by tamelion

Well the flash i'm working on (it'll be good i promise!) is coming along nicely - i have completed a full joker model and i'm nearly finished on the batman model - they both look pretty awesome (considering its like my second flash animation!)

any way today in my class we covered flash buttons which are all round awesome! but are a little tricky to master. so my animation will have a but of a shine to it.

if i put the work in the animation side of things will be done in a few days, the sound will be done asap. problem is i've realised i'm a little bit popular so wont spend the next week in my room like a hermit - i'll be out in the world drinking and smoking too much (trying to quit honest) like a normal 19 year old!

peace out y'all


batman vs. joker

Mighty man

2009-10-07 18:04:18 by tamelion

Sadly my first flash submission went down in full blam style.
ok ok, so i expected the blamming of mightyman, it was a pretty poor animation - the good news is that mightyman got me a merit on my 2D animation course (which we have not even started yet) - but when i've looked at all the new flash submissions i've realised people upload a hell of a lot worse than mightyman.
(of course any one reading this probably never saw mightyman it recieved about 300 views before getting set to newgrounds hell)

Either way, i'm now putting the effort in (mainly to get a distinction) and making a true flash animation, which will hopefully be the complete package, of sound good animation work and comedy! with a dash of batman and a dollop of joker.

any way keep your eyes peeled!


Mighty man

New life

2009-09-03 09:54:58 by tamelion

I have been working in an IT department for a year now, and I have finally completed my training and got a place on a course at my local college.

I'm going to use this opportunity to get to uni and fullfill my lifes ambitions - making things to make people laugh and stuff that people enjoy and generally being an awesome lord of FLASH [insert flash gordon theme]

So yeah i'm starting a really cool course at college to do with animation - flash and stop frame. also working on web design and some partial games design so with a bit of luck and a lot of determination i will hopefully submit my own works onto newgrounds! so keep an eye out for my goofy animations and stupid games!